Employee Participation and Organizational Communication in Mitigating Industrial Relations Conflict : Evidence from District of Bandung, West Java Province

Abstract: Industrial relations are an absolute social phenomenon that occurs in every organization in which there are two actors involve in production, namely employers and workers as executors of work. Therefore, industrial relations become one of  the catalysts for growth and development of enterprises and workers’ welfare. This study will attempt to investigate to what extent the influence of communication factors and the participation of workers in the organization can assist the implementation of harmonious industrial relations. District of Bandung at West Java Province will be our case study in which we proceed mixed method through the observation design to the target group participation. Cluster random sampling and stratified data sampling technique are chosen due to heterogeneity in the population and qualification of the companies. This will produce 77 companies that constitute 18 large companies, 11 medium enterprises, 32 small enterprises, and 16 micro companies. The research showed that the organizational communication and employee participation can have a significant influence to prevent and to overcome the occurrence of industrial relations conflicts.

Keywords: Industrial relations; conflict; organizational communication; employee participation